Hi there!

I’m Gillesse (pronounced “Jill-Less”) and I’m a web designer specializing in Squarespace Design & Branding. I adore feminine, classy, vintage and romantic design. I am incredibly passionate about what I do and strive to do my best in each design that I create. I want to help you bring your vision for your brand into a reality. You deserve to have a gorgeous online presence that accurately represents your unique brand and vision.

When I’m not designing things, I love spending time relaxing with my wonderful husband, watching random youtube videos for hours, taking the longest naps I possibly can, and listening to my spotify playlists while taking hot showers. So basically all of the laziest things I can possibly do in the little spare time that I have.

My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.
— Coco Chanel


Jasmine Green Tea

Making Spotify Playlists


My plush monkey aka Fuzzy Monkey

Everything from Evernew

Collecting Perfume

Beautiful Interior Spaces