Ways to Get Over Creative Block

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Having creative block can feel extremely hopeless at times. You search online to seek out new ideas and inspiration, and while that helps a bit, below are some tips you can do to develop your own ideas from scratch.

1. Whatever medium you are working with, do something else

Stop trying to find ideas in the discipline that you are working with. If you are a website designer, start writing about something. If you are a writer, start drawing things around you (doesn't have to look good). If you are a digital artist, start building stuff out of lego. Start doing things that are outside of your field of work, and be passionately curious about it. The ideas flowing through your mind will start to give you ideas in the field that you are working with.

2. Look at everything with brand new eyes

Go for a walk and start looking at everything around you with intent. Really start to appreciate the patterns on leaves and how quickly a bird flaps it's wings. Start observing how other people interact with others. Pay attention to the colour palette of your surroundings. Witness how the waves of the ocean move. Feel how the wind interacts with your body. Fully immerse yourself into the world around you.

3. Go out and have new experiences

If you are constantly going to the same places all the time and your life has become routine, it's time to start introducing new experiences into your life. Try out the new restaurant you've always wanted to try. Go on a different hike. Visit a different city. Take a different path on your morning walks. Go to the local comedy club or burlesque show. Just do something different and switch it up.

4. Make a music playlist

I think this is just the music lover in me talking, but I really do feel that making a playlist is incredibly inspirational. Spend half your day discovering new music (I could easily spend the whole day looking for new music). Don't listen to the same music that you grew up on. Nostalgia is amazing, but I personally feel that training your brain to listen to new sounds is extremely beneficial towards creativity. Of course I don't have any science to back this up, as I only have my own personal experience to draw from. But for me personally, finding and discovering new music has been incredibly helpful to me during my creative blocks. It forces me to think a little differently every time I hear something new.

These are only a few ideas of mine to get out of that dreadful creative block. Share your thoughts below on how you combat creative block :)

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