5 Sites to Learn to Code for FREE

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Want to learn to code without paying a dime? I was the same way. Looking for free resources are absolutely necessary when you want to dabble into something to see if it's right for you. Below are some awesome resources to learn how to code for free.

1. FreeCodeCamp

I love Free Code Camp because of it's awesome community. You can also look for a group in your area who is also learning how to code with Free Code Camp to gain extra support.

2. Codecademy

I'm pretty sure you already know about Codecademy if you have considered learning how to code. It's an excellent site to learn how to code and get started to see if coding is right for you.

3. Lynda

For the first 30 days, you can study on Lynda for free. After 30 days, plans start at $19.99 a month. But this is just for the general public.

You can also learn on Lynda and access their entire library for FREE by going through your local library. If you want to find out if your local library offers Lynda for free, just google your local library and lynda together. If your local library does offer it (and chances are if you live in the United States or Canada close to the main cities, it will offer it), you can access Lynda for free with the use of your library card.

4. Hack Design

This is more design and user experience focused than coding. I put this on the list because I feel every coder who wants to go into Front-End needs to learn design. They send lessons through emails, but you can also go on their site to look at their lessons.

5. SoloLearn 

SoloLearn is an excellent starter point for anyone looking to get into coding. It offers 12 free courses which range from JQuery to Ruby to Python to C++.

Are there any other coding sites that are an excellent starting point for beginners? Please leave a comment below and let everyone know! :)

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