10 Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

Anyone else find pleasure in substituting the generic lorem ipsum generator with more interesting and hilarious generators for your placeholder text? Below are 10 lorem ipsum alternatives that I adore (and I think you will too!)

1. Hodor Ipsum

All Game of Thrones fans will truly appreciate this wonderful generator. There are different variants of hodor for you to choose from! Whether you want only a little bit of hodor or a lot, this generator has got it for you. Hodor, hodor, HODOR!

2. Bob Ross Ipsum

The artist in me LOVES this generator. Happy little trees, YES!

3. Hipster Ipsum

I am always partial to a little bit of hipster-ism.

4. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

This should honestly just be called Snoop Dogg Ipsum.

5. Bacon Ipsum

Specifically for all the bacon lovers out there.

6. Cat Ipsum

An adorable generator for the cat owners.

7. Legal Ipsum

A lot of legal jargon gibberish that makes you have a headache while reading it.

8. Cupcake Ipsum

An extremely cute generator that makes me want to bake cupcakes.

9. Hairy Ipsum

For all of your bearded needs!

10. Cheeseburger Ipsum

Cute and delicious!

These are just a few Lorem Ipsum generators that I love. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Lorem Ipsum generator is!

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