Balancing Life with Technology

Sixty Eight Ave - Balancing life with technology

Technology is amazing. It increases our productivity, and connects all of us in a way that we never could imagine before. We get more stuff done, and we accomplish more in a shorter period of time. We have access to so much information right at our fingertips.

A lot of us are sitting in front of a screen the whole day, not touching anything tangible except the keyboard and mouse. And when you take your breaks, you go and look at a tinier screen, aka your phone.

In the midst of all this technology that surrounds us, we often forget to look up and see what’s actually around us. We don’t always need to have a screen in front of us to experience something. We don’t always need to document our food at a popular restaurant. We don’t need to witness a concert by recording the whole thing with your phone. We don’t need to be on our phones throughout the whole public transit commute to and from work.

I'm currently on a path of trying to put my phone down more often and watching less netflix and youtube videos. It's so easy for me to pick up my phone for entertainment everywhere I go. While I'm waiting for something to happen, I generally reach out for my phone to check my social media accounts and emails. And while there is nothing wrong with checking your social media or email, it should not be something that I reach out for every time I'm bored and waiting for something. And instead of letting my brain watch things mindlessly for hours, I want to spend my energy towards more useful things like reading, writing, drawing, walking around the block, or learning a new recipe. Things that are more tangible makes you learn so much and makes you enjoy the process.

I've noticed the more attached I am to technology, the more I want to have instant gratification. Technology is making the process shorter. It's always about the end result. But isn't life all about the process? The end result is only a small part of life. We learn so much through the process. That's why a lot of us like to create. Not because we like what we made, but because the process makes us learn so much about ourselves.

Disconnecting every once in awhile will make you appreciate the process. Technology helps us in so many ways, but not using technology all the time helps us a lot too. Find the balance that's right for you. Your mind will thank you for it.

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