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Today I'm going to share my thoughts on two CMS platforms that I love - WordPress & SquareSpace. Both are excellent platforms to use, and I can't recommend either of them enough.


WordPress is by far the most popular CMS out there. If your business is based online and you expect it to grow quickly, WordPress is for you (Wordpress.org NOT Wordpress.com). I love WordPress because it's so versatile. You can pretty much build anything with WordPress, as the amount of plugins and options that are available to it are endless. There are so many different themes out there to choose from, so standing out from the crowd can be easy. And since Wordpress is free to download, you can install it on your preferred hosting company of choice. This is absolutely important for businesses that are based online, as you can access all the files on your FTP servers anytime, and back it up in multiple places.

There are some downsides to Wordpress though. Wordpress can be overwhelming to use for those who don't have experience in developing websites. Customizing a website is difficult when you don't know how to code. So the search for a free theme that is unique is incredibly limited, as most free Wordpress themes are often generic and don't stand out.

Buying a theme is often recommended for a more custom look when using WordPress. And finding the right plan and hosting provider that is Wordpress specific is an absolute must, as Wordpress sites can be incredibly slow if you don't have the correct hosting plan.


I know a lot of developers tend to shun Squarespace, but I personally love it. Squarespace is a beautiful platform to build websites on. The user interface is incredibly intuitive and user friendly. All of the templates that you get to choose from are absolutely gorgeous, so you know you will end up with a beautiful website.

Squarespace is perfect for creatives and freelancers who want to showcase their work. It's also great for small business owners and bloggers who don't want to deal with any technical back end stuff.

There is a misconception about Squarespace in that you are limited to the designs that Squarespace gives you. But Squarespace has a developer mode that Web Designers can use to customize for their clients any which way they choose. This gives the option to have your Squarespace website look a lot more unique than your average Squarespace website. You can also add small design changes by injecting your own code using the code injection blocks, and adding your own custom CSS to the custom CSS section.

The drawback with Squarespace is that you don't own the website. You can't download the files onto your own computer for backup. But if you're not tech savvy, this is rarely an issue. But to those who want to have a back up of your site onto your own computer, it's definitely a huge drawback.

Is WordPress or Squarespace better?

It depends what kind of user you are.

I tend to compare the two platforms to Android vs. Apple (Wordpress being Android and Squarespace being Apple). If you love to control everything on your website, WordPress is the way to go. But if you just want a pretty website and not have to deal with any technical stuff, then Squarespace is the way to go.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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