Playlist for June 2018

I've been creating playlists ever since I could burn CDs back in the late 90s/early 00s. I'm not as passionate about the music coming out nowadays as compared to the 90s/00s, but I still take some time out every month just to create a playlist. I used to be the type of person to keep up with musicians and bands, but nowadays it's all about individual songs. I don't really care about the artist nowadays, with the exception of only a handful of artists.

Every month, I'll be sharing my spotify playlist. This month features a lot of spanish songs, and pretty much anything with a beat. It's all about the beat and melody nowadays, ha. I want to feel positive and happy. I don't really care about the lyrics as much as I used to. It's all about feeling good these days.

What are some songs that are on your playlist this month? :)

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