My Goals for the Rest of 2018

Can you guys believe it's already halfway through 2018? It's amazing how fast time flies (and quite scary too!). Now is the time I like to reflect on my goals, and possibly create new ones if the old ones didn't work out. I have compiled a list of my goals for the rest of 2018 below.

Thoroughly clean and organize my home

My home is filled with clutter and it's slowly beginning to have piles of random stuff everywhere. There's also a ton of recycling building up in our garage, as well as a lot of garbage and stuff that we no longer need. I am in great need of getting rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff in our home. I want our home to be completely clean, organized and free of clutter by the end of July.

Be more positive and understanding of others

I can be a judgmental person. I really don't mean to be, and usually expect people to be considerate of others. When they're not, I get upset at them for only thinking of themselves. I want to change this about myself. I want to understand that everyone is their own person, and not everyone thinks of others all the time. A lot of people actually don't think of others and usually think of their own things in their lives. And I need to be able to understand this and be okay with it. I need to be at peace with the fact that not everyone thinks the same way that I do and that not everything is about me.

I want to not get offended at every possible thing and be more laid back and understanding. Basically, I just want to feel at peace with who I am, and not let others bother me. Why let things get to me when it only hurts myself in the end? Letting go and being at peace with who I am is what I really want to achieve more of, not only for the rest of the year, but for the rest of my life.

Cook at home more often

I admit, I eat out more than I should. But now I want to focus on creating simple meals at home more often. Enjoying the process of cooking a delicious meal at home has become important to me. A lot of people my age tend to eat out more often than we should. We're all busy and it's often hard to find the time to cook. But I want to be able to make the time to cook. If I have to go to sleep a little later, or wake up a little earlier to make it happen, I will do so. Time to grow up and not act like I'm in my 20's anymore.

Be strict with my working schedule

I often get overwhelmed with the amount of work that I assign myself each day, and a lot of the time I move a task over to the next day. My priority is to re-organize my schedule and make it so that I assign myself work that I can realistically do that day, but also finish the task completely. I want to succeed hard with my business, and I need to be more disciplined with my work ethic then I have been lately.

Read 1 book by the end of September

I know this seems so simple - I mean only 1 book. But I seriously want to put the time and effort into reading at least one book by the end of September. I'm going to be crazy busy this summer, so I really do hope that it's possible for me to do so.

These are just a few of my goals for the rest of the year. Share your goals for the rest of 2018 in the comments!

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