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Want to start a blog but not ready to commit to paying for it yet? I've been there before. I've tried out many different blogging platforms in order to figure out which one was right for me. The following are some free blogging platforms that I have tried out in the past.

1. is a good platform to start blogging on when you're just starting out and want to get a feel of how blogging works for you. It's a perfectly good starting point, and although it isn't as feature rich as the self-hosted and beloved, there is absolutely no shame in starting your blog on, as it prepares you for when you decide to make the switch to the self-hosted

You can upgrade your free account to a more premium plan if you choose to in the future, but I personally do not recommend paying for their plans. The best alternative to this in case your blog grows is to transfer your blog to a self-hosted blog, and pay for a hosting plan on sites like Siteground.

2. Blogger

Most people know what Blogger is. It's been around for ages, and the designs that come with it clearly reflect that. Even though it's been around the block, blogger is still really good to use to start a blog.

What I like about Blogger is that it's really simple and straightforward to use. You can connect your own domain to it without buying any hosting plans, and if you know how to code, you can edit the templates or create your own template and apply it to your website without having to spend much money at all. You can also look for third party blogger templates on google and choose from free and premium templates. Even though it's not as abundant as Wordpress, blogger templates are definitely out there on sites like Creative Market.

Another plus about Blogger is that you can transfer your blog content in the future to other hosting services in the future, which is an extremely important thing to think about before starting your blog.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is mainly used by teenagers and young adults, but older people use it as well. It's a little different compared to Wordpress and Blogger in that you have the option to "reblog" posts and like posts instead of leaving a comment. You can have the option to add comments using disqus if you want to have comments on your blog though.

What's great about Tumblr is that you can use a domain name on it to make your blog appear a little more professional. Also, Tumblr has a surprising amount of great looking themes to choose from to purchase. There are a bunch of great looking free themes, but a lot of beautiful premium themes as well.

There are many other blogging platforms out there to consider, but I highly recommend starting a free blog on a blogging platform that is popular and has been around for a good amount of time. The last thing you want is to start a blog, and then find out that the service is shutting down because of the lack of users supporting it.

So which blogging platform are you considering to use?

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